Isaac Dippold

Global studies is an extremely important part of learning.  It allows you to better understand the people around you, especially those from other countries.  It also gives you a better viewpoint into other people’s beliefs and as a result, you may become more accepting of others’ differences.  I think the saying “you don’t have to like it but you will respect and learn about it” describes this perfectly.  Global studies allows one to be educated about other cultures and understand why they think or believe in something the way they do.  I think the key aspect of this section of learning is that it enables you to truly understand where people are coming from when they speak with you.

I am passionate about a many different things but there are a few that are more specific to our trip to Cuba.  I love art.  My mom is a freelance illustrator and had instilled this love into me from a very young age.  We spent many of our vacations going to large art museums to admire the amazing works that famous artists were able to produce.  I do have some artistic talent myself, and I have great respect for those that produce pieces of great visual balance.  I also love cuisine and traveling to new places to try new things.  It is interesting to me how the food in a region can completely describe the culture.  Often staple foods in certain places are made because they are grown or raised in that area.  Food is a great equalizer and it can bring people of many different cultures together.  It is fantastic in this regard.  I am also interested in hearing the music there and seeing all of the old cars.  After watching Bueno Vista Social Club, I became very interested in that style of music and got the album, surprisingly, from my parents. I love old cars and it will be extremely cool to see all of those metal time machines coming down the street. I will likely take too many pictures of the cars.

I wanted to go to Cuba because I have never been out of this country to anywhere except for Canada, which is a lot like the United States already.  I really wanted the opportunity to explore a new culture and get a feel for how other people live around the world.  Cuba is very different from the United States because they are a third world country.  I thought this would be a perfect chance to see how those that are less wealthy than we are here in the U.S. live.  I also wanted to go to Cuba because the American government says that it isn’t allowed.  There is always intrigue in something that is restricted.  This may be my only opportunity to travel to Cuba so I decided to take the chance. I also took Spanish all through high school and really enjoyed learning about the culture.  Traveling to Cuba is a way to immerse myself in Latin American culture first hand and to truly get to experience what I learned for four years in high school.  Overall, it just seemed like a fantastic opportunity and although it doesn’t necessarily pertain to my major, I know it will be a tremendous learning experience for me as well as for everyone else on the trip.


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