Casey Carver

El Habanero, 1996. © Sean Hughes

El Habanero, 1996. © Sean Hughes

Studying other cultures is very important for many reasons. It allows people to learn new things and gain a different perspective. Being able to understand another person’s or another culture’s way of life forces us to see life in a different way. It not only gives us a chance to accept another’s culture, but also forces us to reflect on our own. Is my way really the right way? It makes us realize that there is no one way of doing something. As we broaden our horizons, we learn to be humble and accept that we aren’t always right. Giving others the benefit of the doubt, as well as respecting other, can avoid conflict—and on a larger scale—even war.

I am very passionate about exploring the world and learning from others. I love to travel and interact with different people. I find other cultures and traditions fascinating and enjoy trying to become a part of them. One of the best ways to learn about others is through immersion. It makes adapting much quicker, though can also cause people to step out of their comfort zone. To me, it is only when someone is out of his or her comfort zone, that their true colors show and great growth can be made. This is especially true when it come to language. I love speaking Spanish and want to become fluent. I’m also Italian and plan on learning to speak Italian as well. The connection that can be made when speaking to others in their native tongue is indescribable. It’s a deep connection and a necessary to be anywhere near to becoming assimilated into their culture. Being accepted into other cultures is what I strive to do and is what I am passionate about.

Traveling to Cuba is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. Many Americans have never even had the chance to travel there, at least not for many decades. That alone is a reason in and of itself. If the rarity wasn’t enough motivation, the thought of traveling to a new country and speaking their language would do the trick. Again, this is what I am passionate about, and love traveling anywhere. I think Cuba in particular is fascinating because of how unique it is. It has its own slurred accent, a challenge I would love to master. It has a strong history that I hope to change and build a new sense of understanding. I also knew almost new to nothing about Cuba, and love learning about its culture and people and how they have been formed. I want to learn as much as I can about Cuba and hope to feel a part of them before I leave.


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