The purpose of this University of Cincinnati Honors seminar is to acquaint our students with the concept of “global competence” and international issues, and, to prepare for study abroad, in this case, Cuba.  Through discussions, readings, projects, and other assignments, the student will better understand the world around them, including Cuba and its people, while learning to make choices for future course options with a global or international perspective, and the make the best use of any foreign travel and experiences.

The students will develop an understanding of cultural differences as well as a critical look at world affairs, and to express views on multiculturalism in a thoughtful and analytical fashion.

Cuba is particularly of interest to the students. Havana is one of the great historical cities of the New World, rich with history, architecture, fine arts, performing arts, literature and so much more. Our seminar is not focused solely on one topic, but instead we look to absorb and appreciate as much as we can about our fellow world citizens.


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