What I need

Phone and Charger- it may not work but hey… I still need it near. Communication is really important to me. I would like to let people know that I’m alive and well while I’m there. My family and friends want to know how I’m doing and what’s going on so I want to bring my phone. I need the charger to keep the phone alive.  It also has a camera on it so that I can take pictures to capture the moments

Sunscreen- I typically don’t have a problem with being burnt but I’m unsure of how the Cuban sun will affect me. So I need my 100 spf sunblock with me to prevent any burning. I’ll still hopefully get a nice tan but I don’t want to get uncomfortable and ruin the trip by using getting burnt.
Sweater- I can’t find a rain coat anywhere. I know that there is a downpour sometimes in Cuba. My sweater will be the only thing to keep me warm and dry while in Cuba. I have to pack light so I’m only allowing one.
Hair supplies- I was told that any type of hair straightening tools that I use will be burnt out by the time I come back. I”d rather not look too crazy while down there soooo I need my bobby pins. And some moisturizer. And shampoo and conditioner. With these items I can attempt to look presentable.
Money- This is kind of self explanatory but I’d like to eat and buy things to bring back while I’m there sooooo I’m going to bring money. 🙂

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