The Top Five

My top five items that I simply couldn’t live without in Cuba include:

1. Toilet paper: for obvious reasons, this is a big one.  Since the toilet paper in Cuba is often stolen from the public restrooms, tourists have to come completely aware of this and prepared to make up for it.  I hope that I am bringing enough!  However, if not, I hope that I can find someone to buy it from while we are there.

2. Journal: I will definitely need to be continually documenting my experience there so that I don’t forget any “moments” that take place.  Oftentimes when I am very excited and awed while traveling and exploring, I forget to write it all down and then the experience fades after awhile.  To me, other than pictures, this is the best way to record my feelings and thoughts in accordance to everything I have experienced.  Every time I read what I have written, I know that I will be able to vividly recall all of that.

3. Camera: I can’t wait to capture the vast amount of beauty in Cuba.  Even with what little photographic skills I have, I’m sure that it will still be plain to see.  Pictures will better help me connect with my family and friends when I arrive home so that even though they weren’t able to go and probably never will be able to go, it may feel as though they were by the time I finish showing them all my visual documentation.

My Beloved Companion:Sperry Top-Siders© Dillards

My Beloved Companion:
Sperry Top-Siders
© Dillards

4. Bible study: I have a small book that was printed from my church that includes Bible verses and explanations of scripture that I will read everyday in order to keep my mind on Him. Whenever I’m stressed I always go to God in order to soothe my worries and help me to remember that He is in control.  I find this essential especially on this trip since things might become stressful.  Hopefully the inverse is true and it will be a blast the entire time!  In which case, I can simply thank God for blessing me with such a rare and amazing adventure in my life.

5. A pair of comfortable shoes:  Whenever I have traveled, I have discovered that a pair of comfortable shoes is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, I know this from many experiences in which I have forgotten said important item and suffered the painful consequences of blisters and very sore feet to the point of not being able to stand up.  At this point in my travels, I believe that I may finally have learned my lesson.  I plan on bringing my well broken-in Sperrys with my to Cuba in hopes that my feet will feel just as nice before we begin the tour as afterwards.


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