The Five Big Items

Most of the items I am taking to Cuba are not personally very important to me.  There are, however, a few items that I will be bringing to Cuba that I feel are much more important than the rest.  Not in any order, toilet paper, a digital watch with an alarm, a few personal pictures, a camera, and travel documents/money are the five items I think are most important.

The first item that popped in to my head when asked this question.Credit:

The first item that popped in to my head when asked this question.

  1. Toilet paper was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard this question.  In retrospect, it seems a little odd to me that bringing my passport or money were both afterthoughts to toilet paper.  Even so, after hearing that Cuba does not have nice public restrooms, I can see why I would hold this item in high regard in my mind.  I have already packed a whole role which I have tactfully smooshed flat so that it will take up less space.  I guess I could have bought a smaller role, but I figured I would rather be on the safe side.  Plus, toilet paper can be used in many other applications too. Right?

    My idea of Cuban time.Credit:

    My idea of Cuban time.

  2.  The second item on my list is my watch.  I got this watch the other day at Wal-Mart for $20.  It is a red and black Velcro banded, Armitron watch.  It is equipped with an alarm which, I think, will be a valuable asset in Cuba as long as it can wake me up.  It says it is water-proof, but I am not sure if I can trust that assurance considering its price.  This item is significant to me because on this trip it will almost act as a replacement of my phone.  I always have my phone so that I can tell the time and keep in contact with others.  Because I won’t have cellular service in Cuba, the watch will substitute as my time-keeper and will probably become very important to me.
  3. A third item is the camera I am bringing.  It is a black, slightly bulky Panasonic Lumix with 24x zoom and a 25mm wide lens.  By my estimation, it takes great pictures.  It happens to be my mother’s camera, and I don’t know if it lives up to journalistic standards but it is much better than anything I own.  This one item will allow me to take visual shots of our trip that will last and help me remember everything.  I think these visual memories will be very important to me and so, my camera is an invaluable item as well.  It is also significant because it is my mother’s camera and if I lose it, I will be buying a new one.
  4.  Along the same lines as the camera, I am bringing a couple pictures of the people I love.  One is of my family and the other is of my girlfriend and me.  I may not look at these images right away while I am traveling but it will be nice to know that these people are traveling with me, even simply as images.  I may become a little homesick, because I have never been that far away from home in a foreign country.  These pictures will most definitely help me in that situation and will also improve my trip.  It will be comforting to have my loved ones with me, even if it is only in spirit.
  5.  The last item, or more like group of items, that I thought of was my travel documents and money.  These items don’t necessarily hold any significant personal value to me but will allow me to actually go on and enjoy my trip.  Obviously without my passport, plane tickets, and money, I would be going nowhere fast.  These are the great background items that allow the whole experience to happen and for that, I feel they are extremely significant.

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