My Five Trip Must-Haves


My Camera (Credit:

My Five Things

  1. Camera-Without a doubt my number one thing I would have to travel with, especially to a place I probably will never be able to go again, is my camera. Not just because I need to have something visual as an aid to my memory, but also because the photojournalist in me NEEDS it. I simply cannot travel somewhere without documenting it through my camera. Not being able to have my camera would literally prevent me from having a good time. My mother would say my attitude would be what is preventing a good time, but she is wrong. It would be the lack of a camera. I would become slightly fanatical if I were to travel to Cuba and not have my camera. Just thinking about exploring and seeing something I would want to shoot but not be able to makes me twitch. I have even had pre-trip anxiety, thinking what if I broke my camera before the trip even started!? I could live without my telephoto lens and my wide-angle lens but I need my camera body, and I need my 50mm f/1.4
  2. Toothbrush-The second thing I would need is my toothbrush. I hate dirty teeth. Literally the first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth because I cannot stand the feeling. I could even survive without toothpaste because I would just brush really hard to remove the plaque.  And no, neither of my parents are dentists.
  3. Running Shoes- The new runner in me needs to bring my running shoes to get some exercise in. Because the lazy person in me will quickly use a 9 day trip to another country and an excuse to completely get off my race training plan, but the shoes will be a motivational tool. Plus, what a great way it would be to explore the city.
  4. Art Tube- I love art. And I love filling my home with art. But I hate ruined art. Therefore, I need to trust an art tube to protect my newly purchased items. And if we are as lucky at to meet the famous Cuban photographer Roberto Salas, I will really want an art tube for photos that I will spend all my money on without any qualms.
  5. Toms- If my feet hurt, then my whole body hurts. And Toms are the most comfortable walking shoes I have. Since I have had them for so long, they are extremely broken in and fit like a second skin. I am not a normal girl in the sense that I need a different pair of shoes for every outfit. One pair of black Toms and one pair of brown Toms will get me through the week happily.


    Toms shoes (credit:


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