Bio: Jessica King

Cars drive along the Malecon in Havana, Cuba, 2004. © Sean Hughes

Cars drive along the Malecon in Havana, Cuba, 2004. © Sean Hughes

I am staff member in the University Honors Program (UHP) at the University of Cincinnati. My official title may be Assistant Director & Academic Advisor, but I could tell you many stories about my day that range from an insane volume of e-mails, to a side of life coaching, to a healthy dose of inspiration, to never-ending reminders that getting paid to work on a college campus and hear people talk about their gifts and passions is a blessing.

My personal interests and passions relate to education, structural inequalities, community engagement, and community engaged learning. When not saving the world one UHP student at a time, I am a doctoral student in education. I also donate copious amounts of time and energy to my sorority, Chi Omega, and to many volunteer endeavors through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

I grew up learning Spanish in elementary school, continued to study Spanish as an undergraduate, and have held a long-term love of all things Latin America as a direct result. I was blessed to study abroad in Costa Rica and Mexico, and I look forward to visiting this new Spanish-speaking destination. More than that, I look forward to sharing this adventure with a great group of students and a passionate faculty member. My best response to “Why Cuba?” is simply why not Cuba?

I believe that experiencing the world through direct immersion is nothing short of life-changing.  I would venture to say this is what makes global studies so important: seeing the world; testing, reaffirming, and challenging your own beliefs and understandings; and meeting really cool people along the way.

Nos vemos allá.


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